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Who We Are

Sally teaches art

The moment you walk into Heritage House you sense the difference… it feels like home!  Comprised of three beautifully appointed and meticulously maintained individual houses located on adjacent lots in the quiet neighborhood of Heritage Farms, the Heritage is a unique assisted living experience for up to 39 residents.  Heritage House was established in Las Cruces in 1997 and is centrally located near the NMSU campus and the historic village of La Mesilla.


At Heritage House our purpose and mission are clear.  We follow the Golden Rule and strive to provide exemplary, 5-Star service to our seniors.  We embrace our residents as members of our family with each receiving person-centered care with generous servings of dignity and respect.  Above all, we understand that the spirit of love and good cheer is critical to helping our residents find contentment in their new homes.

Our staff is hand-selected by the owner and on-site administrator of Heritage House, Trevas Ann Younger.  Ms. Trevas insists that each and every staff member is well trained, has a big personality and a bigger heart. The staff enjoys the family-like atmosphere and understands the importance of knowing and loving the people we care for.

Seniors come to Heritage House to LIVE! Growing old is a sacred time of life. We respect and understand the complex realities of growing older: what it means to stop driving; what is needed to meet the increasing demands of daily living; and what it means to leave one’s home. Transitions can be difficult.  Our administrator and staff are sensitive to these problematic realities and are well-suited to assist our seniors along the path to a fulfilling, positive, loving, and dignified life.

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