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     It is a point of pride for Ms. Trevas that the food at Heritage House is seasonal, healthy and exceptionally prepared, from scratch, by chefs who understand special diets and unique flavors. No canned and frozen entrees here!  The food is not only freshly cooked each day, but savory.  Herbs and vegetables, grown on-site in our gardens, are incorporated into the delightful meals. We usually work with one menu and we offer gluten-free, diabetic, vegetarian meals. Alternatives are always available.

     “Heritage Style” means a big breakfast, a big lunch, and a light, early supper with snacks offered in between and on-demand. Do you have a favorite dish that isn’t on the menu? We’ll add it! Do you yearn to share a meal with your family?  Have them join us!  We have many areas designated for meals: whether in the gardens, the courtyards or dining rooms, you’re invited. We celebrate all major holidays with families who are invited to share our delicious food.

Sample menu

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