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Keeping Covid Out and Letting Families In

     Life during the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, especially our residents and their families.  We are profoundly proud that our efforts to protect the health and safety of our residents and staff through adherence to the policies and directives of the Department of Health have resulted in Heritage House never appearing on the list of facilities experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak.  We congratulate and commend our residents and the Heritage team for their extraordinary efforts to keep COVID out!   Those efforts include: 


  • 100% of residents vaccinated; 93% of all staff vaccinated; 100% of all newly hired staff vaccinated

  • Strict adherence to the Public Health Order (PHO) and all Department of Health (DOH) directives and regulations 

  • Increased sanitation and prevention of pathogens; wearing PPE when necessary

  • Masking, social distancing, maintaining six feet of space between staff and residents

  • Taking residents vitals throughout the day

  • Monitoring all guests and visitations​

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