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The Advantages of Residential Assisted Living versus Corporate Big Box 

Heritage House, residential assisted living is distinctively different from big box assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Typical Benefits of Small Assisted Living Communities Vs. Large Ones:

  • A more intimate setting that feels like a home rather than institutional

  • A deeper relationship and connection with caregivers and management

  • A higher level of trained staffing with faster response times

  • The ability to live in a quiet residential neighborhood

  • Strolling the gardens and charming outdoor spaces rich with flora and fauna

    • Most residents age in place and will not transfer to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

  • Hospice and all other PT, ST, and OT offered on-site

  • Easier prevention and control of viruses to avoid outbreaks

  • Easier to accommodate visits from family members

  • Home-cooked nutritious and savory meals, and healthy snacks

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