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Our Staff

The Heritage House is dedicated to sanitation, safety, dignity, and respect for its residents, many of whom have lived lives of distinction and merit.


Our Caregivers, and other staff, are focused on engagement and person-centered care. At Heritage House, they are not just providing help with physical limitations but relief from loneliness and facilitating residents’ enjoyment of life.

Our staff finds reasons to say "yes" and to make that person happy. In turn, they are a big family within a big house or, indeed, three big houses stressing both fun and engaging activities as well as comfort, continued learning, and stimulation.


The Heritage House is a vibrant place to live and, not coincidentally, many residents and their family note, “it feels like home.” Moreover, our staff focuses on creating a home atmosphere


This is the Heritage House culture, where managers teach new hires to engage and to connect with others on every level.

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